Why Uninstaller stops at % in progress bar! - Explained

Trouble uninstalling multiple versions of Java ? is your uninstall programs getting stuck at 0% in Progress bar with 'Uninstaller stops at % in progress bar' error?. Here are the step by step procedure on how to reproduce the issue and fix the same. Please note this issue most probably occurs when more than one java version is installed on the client system.

Step By Step Procedure to Reproduce - Uninstaller stops at % in progress bar :

Issue does reproduce when tried to uninstall 2017a.

# Resolving Uninstaller stops at % in progress bar

Abort the process and retry uninstalling.

More details about this Bug in OpenJDK -

Uninstaller does not go past 0%. 2017b had no problem. this is for 2017a.

Comment by Pardeep Sharma [ 2020-01-03 ]
Issue does reproduce following details in the description. Further submitter didn't shared additional details upon request. Therefore, closing this as incomplete. If we receive any update in future, may reopen this report.
please refer bug at Uninstaller stops at 0% in progress bar

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