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Whats new in Java 8 ?

OpenJDK 8 is the open source implementation of the Java Platform Standard Edition and is free to use with General Public License Version 2 ; GPLv2. OpenJDK 8 is the reference implementation of the Java SE 8 Specification. For more details you can refer the official Java SE 8 specification from Java Community Process here - JSR366.

Open JDK source code can be downloaded from Mercurial repository

OpenJDK Java 8 Download and Installation on Windows

How to install openjdk 8 on windows ?. If you are already familiar with Java Development Kit (JKD) installation, please Go to and get your copy of OpenJDK. If you are new to Java, here is quick guide to help you get started OpenJDK Java 8 Download and Installation On Windows

OpenJDK Java 8 features

1 Lambda Expressions & Virtual Extension Methodsz
2 Autoconf-Based Build System
3 Lambda-Form Representation for Method Handles
4 Compact Profiles
5 Prepare for Modularization
6 Leverage CPU Instructions for AES Cryptography
7 Nashorn JavaScript Engine
8 Mechanical Checking of Caller-Sensitive Methods
9 Document JDK API Support and Stability
10 Reduce Cache Contention on Specified Fields
11 Remove the Permanent Generation
12 Retire Some Rarely-Used GC Combinations
13 Enhanced Verification Errors
14 Reduce Class Metadata Footprint
15 Small VM
16 Fence Intrinsics core
17 Launch JavaFX Applications core/lang
18 Generalized Target-Type Inference
19 Annotations on Java Types
20 DocTree API
21 Add Javadoc to
22 Remove the Annotation-Processing Tool (apt)
23 Access to Parameter Names at Runtime
24 Repeating Annotations
25 Enhance javac to Improve Build Speed
26 DocLint core/libs
27 Parallel Array Sorting
28 Bulk Data Operations for Collections
29 Enhance Core Libraries with Lambda
30 Charset Implementation Improvements

OpenJDK Java 8 Open Issues/bugs

All Known Issues and bugs can be tracked here: OpenJDK 8 bugs/issues

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