How to fix Input Mismatch Exception in Java real quick!

Stuck with Java.Util.InputMismatchException ? Getting Input Mismatch Exception java error ?. Is your java program failing with "Exception in thread main java.util.InputMismatchException" ?.

Input Mismatch Exception java error

Here are the step by step procedure to reproduce the issue and fix the InputMismatchException error.

Step By Step Procedure to Reproduce - Input Mismatch Exception Java error.

Input Mismatch Exception java error indicate that the token retrieved does not match the pattern for the expected type, or that the token is out of range for the expected type.

In simple terms, Input Mismatch Exception occurs when entered value is of wrong type. Example, instead of int, if string value is entered, Scanner class will throw InputMismatchException.

InputMismatchException is runtime unchecked exception and is a sub class of NoSuchElementException.

Please refer the java class Class InputMismatchException

Example :

Below code would throw InputMismatchException when String value is entered instead of Integer

# Resolving Input Mismatch Exception Java error

Solution #

Download the Source Code from Github

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