OpenJDK Container / OpenJDK Docker Image download and installation.

OpenJDK Docker image

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Quick guide to download and install OpenJDK docker image.

What is OpenJDK

OpenJDK is the short form of Open Java Development Kit similar to Oracle's Java Development Kit used to develop Java Applications. Main difference between Oracle JDK and OpenJDK is that OpenJDK is free for all while Oracle Java Development Kit or Oracle JDK requires commercial license. For more details refer openjdk vs oracle jdk

If you want to know more about OpenJDK, you can go through Open Java Development Kit Quick guide.

Note: To uninstall previously installed OpenJDK please refer Uninstall OpenJDK Windows

Step #1: Download

There are many OpenJDK vendors out there in the market ( here is the OpenJDK Vendors List ), you can download OpenJDK from AdoptOpenJDK, Redhat OpenJDK, Zulu OpenJDK or from Community OpenJDK.

Below are the steps to download and install Community OpenJDK. If you would like to install OpenJDK from other vendors please refer :

OpenJDK Docker Image

We can use the openjdk docker image as both the build and runtime environment. We can compile and run our project simply by adding below lines in the Docker file.

Configure Docker file.

FROM openjdk:11
COPY . /usr/src/myapp
WORKDIR /usr/src/myapp
RUN javac
CMD ["java", "Main"]


Run and build the Docker image:

$ docker build -t my-java-app .
$ docker run -it --rm --name my-running-app my-java-app

Compile your app inside the Docker container

if you dont want to run your app inside a container and would like to compile your app, you can run the below commands:

$ docker run --rm -v "$PWD":/usr/src/myapp -w /usr/src/myapp openjdk:11 javac

This will add your current directory as a volume to the container, set the working directory to the volume, and run the command javac which will tell Java to compile the code in and output the Java class file to Main.class.

Congratulations !!! Now you have configured OpenJDK Docker image Successfully. For more info, please refer OpenJDK Docker Image

OpenJDK Known Issues

Note: Here is the list of OpenJDK known-issues OpenJDK Known Issues