Jboss Vs Wildfly

Jboss Enterprise Application Server / Jobss EAP Vs Wildfly.

When it comes to enterprise-level application servers, WildFly and JBoss are two of the most popular options available.

Both are open-source platforms that offer robust features and capabilities to support the development, deployment, and management of complex applications. However, there are key differences between the two that are worth exploring in more detail.

What is WildFly?

WildFly is a lightweight, fast, and flexible application server that is designed to run on modern architectures such as cloud, containers, and microservices.

It is an open-source project that is sponsored by Red Hat and is known for its strong support for Java EE technologies.

WildFly offers a modular architecture that allows developers to deploy only the components they need, reducing overhead and improving performance.

What is JBoss?

JBoss is an enterprise-level application server that provides a complete platform for building, deploying, and managing Java-based applications. Like WildFly, it is an open-source project that is sponsored by Red Hat.

JBoss is known for its scalability, reliability, and high performance, making it a popular choice for large-scale applications and mission-critical systems.

Differences between WildFly and Jboss

Here is a comparison table that outlines the key differences between WildFly and JBoss:

Jboss EAP
  • JBoss EAP (Enterprise Application Platform) Supported by Redhat

  • JBOSS EAP is subscription based support

  • JBOSS EAP Implements J2EE 7

  • JBOSS EAP is well tested, well documented and certified by Red hat.

  • JBOSS EAP is used by Enterprises for PRODUCTION use, all releases and maintenances are supported by Red hat

  • JBOSS EAP is best suited for PRODUCTION, particularly for Mission Critical applications

Download Jboss EAP
  • Widlfy, formarly known as Jboss Application Server Supported by Jboss Community

  • Wild fly is Free for all!

  • Wildfly Implements J2EE 7

  • Community Supported Wildfly is not fully tested and certified.

  • Wildfly is mostly used by developers to develop and test middleware Applications, and is supported by jboss community

  • Community based Wildfly not suited for PRODUCTION, particularly for Mission Critical applications

Download Wildfly


In summary, WildFly and JBoss are both powerful application servers that offer unique benefits and features. WildFly is a lightweight, modular platform that is ideal for modern architectures and full support for Java EE technologies.

JBoss is a heavyweight, monolithic platform that provides limited support for Java EE but is designed for larger-scale applications and mission-critical systems. Ultimately, the choice between WildFly and JBoss will depend on your specific application requirements and development goals.

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