Jboss Enterprise Application Server : JBOSS Application Server Versions

JBOSS Application Server Versions Available.

Once you have decided to go with Jboss, the first question that pops up in head is which Jboss server to use?. Yes, like ORACLE JDK and Open JDK, Jboss also have enterprise and community versions. Community version is called Jboss Application Server – JbossAS / Wildfly and enterprise version is call Jboss EAP (Enterprise Application platform). Community version of Jboss is free while Enterprise Version is not.

While JBOSS EAP is free for development use, however for PRODUCTION use you need subscription.

You can get the developers JBOSS EAP version here:

You can get the community Jboss AS (Wildfly) here:

Please note that latest Jboss AS is now referred as Wildfly, you can still use the earlier JbossAS versions here:
But these Jboss AS server versions are not supported and are now archived releases.

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