How to Download and Install AdoptOpenJDK on windows

adoptopenjdk 8 Developers Guide

AdoptOpenJDK provides an open and reproducible build and test system for OpenJDK source across multiple platforms. AdoptOpenJDK provides OpenJDK binaries for the Java ecosystem.

Here is the step by step procedure to install the latest AdoptOpenJDK on Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7.

  1. Go to AdoptOpenJDK Download page.

  2. Click on the AdoptOpenJDK installer packages based on your Operating system.

    • Windows MSI installer packages
    • macOS PKG installer packages
    • Linux RPM and DEB installer packages

  3. Download the ZIP windows distributions
  4. Download AdoptOpenJDK to any directory on windows
  5. Extract the downloaded zip file to your convenient directory.
  6. Example on windows: C:\Avi\tools\

  7. Extract AdoptOpenJDK on windows

  8. Now copy the AdoptOpenJDK bin path C:\Avi\tools\\bin and set the AdoptOpenJDK bin path in the environment path

  9. On windows follow the below steps to set the openjdk 8 classpath

  10. Copy the extracted openjdk 8's bin path


    Go System Properties and then to Edit the system environmental variables and Click on Environment Variables.

    Edit the windows system environment variable
    Edit the path variable

    Edit the windows system environment PATH variable
    Add path variable if its not already added and click OK to finish

    Add the AdoptOpenJDK bin path
    Go to command prompt and type java -version
    Java -version

    Verify the installed AdoptOpenJDK version on windows

    Congratulations !!! Now you have installed OpenJDK 8 Successfully.

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