On The Job Training Full stack Development

As a Full stack developer, Learn boilerplate starter projects with React, Redux, Express, and Mongo.

Lab Hours


160 hours

80 hours

Fullstack Course Description

At Techoral fullstack academy, as a full stack developer you will learn how to create boilerplate starter projects with React, Redux, Express, and Mongo - Understand common / full stack web development technologies and fullstack design patterns to connect them together - Master deployment techniques between the production and development environments - Make an full stack web app with Google OAuth authentication - Learn to effectively design and deploy fullstack web applications.

As a full stack developer, you will also learn to develop content focused mobile first web applications and shape a user experience catered to mobile devices. Fullstack academy curriculum includes an in-depth look at browser events, writing/loading modules to separate concerns, increase re-usability, leverage Ajax to connect with web services, and writing promises to manage asynchronicity.

At Techoral fullstack academy, You’ll effectively implement a responsive user experience for a smart-phone/tablet/desktop based Web platform. Fullstack Class begins with a look at Fullstack development and build tools. Next is a quick review of core Responsive design principles, you’ll then examine backing technologies required to implement a responsive UI.


Fullstack Course Prerequisites


Fullstack Course Includes

Building Modular Mobile JS Applications
  • Implement appropriate events for a mobile interaction
  • Develop modularized JavaScript application
  • Create applications aware of when a user is offline and online
  • Leverage promises for managing asynchronous behavior
  • Utilize storage and HTML5 form features for improved User Experience
Building Responsive Applications
  • Understand content-focused mobile first web development
  • Create responsive web application
  • Utilize Sass to manage CSS development
  • Develop applications using Foundation 4
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